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Cebu town mayor to residents: Kill the dolphins, sharks, whales

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DUMANJUG, Cebu—Mayor Nelson Garcia has maintained that marine animals on Tañon Strait are “parasites” and their population should be controlled by killing some of them, shrugging off criticisms from environmentalists.

At a summit on environment on Tuesday, Garcia said that dolphins, whales, and sharks should be killed because they caused the decline of fish catch.

“If you catch a whale, then kill it. What is more important, the whale or us?” he said.

The mayor explained that the increasing population of dolphins, whales and sharks in the coastal town has reduced the supply of fish resulting in high prices of seafoods in the local market.

Garcia said these marine species as competitors of humans because they consume more than a ton of fish a day.

Gloria Ramos, vice president of Oceana, an international marine conservation organization, said that Garcia was apparently among some individuals who are just not well-informed of the significance of the role of marine animals such as dolphins, whales and sharks.

“Obviously mayors also are not aware of the inter connectivity of our life support system with our livelihood, with our life,” she said.

Ramos cited sharks as an example that keeps the balance in the ecosystem. She added that there is a need for an information campaign on the ecosystem.

But Garcia stood pat on his decision to “control” the marine animals on Tañon strait.

These marine animals have become a tourist draw in Cebu.


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