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EEI bares homegrown app to connect shippers, truckers

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EEI Corp., an affiliate of the Yuchengco Group of Companies, on Monday unveiled a Filipino-made logistics mobile app and web-based platform that supports frontload cargo transport and fleet management.

Called eCarga, the app utilizes several platforms that will initially serve hundreds of shippers, professional truck owners and drivers operating within Luzon.

EEI president and chief executive Roberto Jose Castillo said eCarga app’s goal is to fulfill the growing demand for a more efficient flow of local cargo deliveries.

“The app is designed to connect our local shippers and truckers so they can meet real-time demand for cargo deliveries. It is our way of addressing the evolving industry needs through solutions that are convenient, fast and secure,” Castillo said.

The initial fleet accredited by eCarga includes over a hundred trucks combining open and closed type vans. Accreditation of more professional truckers will continue to allow eCarga adopt to the expected increase in demand from consumers.

EEI said it aimed to have 400 active users by fourth quarter of 2021 and 1,500 by end of 2022. Depending on the actual customer demand, EEI intends to continuously make adjustments in fleet size specific to the type of truck needed.

The app will also extend its logistics platform and capabilities to support backload service, business-to-business market and offer multi-modal logistics services through innovative digital platforms.

Using the eCarga mobile app, shippers only need to make a few taps to book a pick-up and delivery request with the necessary shipping details.

The truck owners can access the request through a web based platform where they can also perform fleet and schedule management. The first registered truck owner who receives the request gets the delivery task and assign it to one of his drivers. The driver then receives the assignment details through his own mobile application.

The platform enables cashless cargo transport with tracking and monitoring capabilities that provides convenience, safety and seamless delivery of goods. On the admin side, eCarga handles day-to-day operations, which include app and platform registration, delivery monitoring and customer support, through its admin platform.

Booking fee is competitive in the market. Operations will be rolled out in three phases for the next three years to eventually cover transport logistics requirements outside of Luzon.


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