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Manila Bay reclamation halted

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President Rodrigo Duterte said he rejected proposals of private companies to conduct massive land reclamation activities in Manila Bay because of corruption issues.

Duterte said the processing of thousands of applications for reclamation projects in Manila Bay was stopped.

“You know, for the planned reclamation in Manila Bay, thousands have applied. But because of the corruption that I heard early last year, there’s no more processing of papers. I had it stopped,” he said.

Duterte did not specify the companies embroiled in corrupt activities but hinted they earned “lots of money” in the reclamation proposals.

“I told you, do not give money to the people in government. If I know that you have given even a single centavo, I will throw your application to the wastebasket. And I have done that and I am doing it every day so they will shape up,” he added.

In February last year, Duterte said he may only consider government-related reclamation projects at Manila Bay, adding the private sector can wait for his successor to pitch their proposed projects.

Nearly 10,000 hectares of Manila Bay from Navotas City to Cavite were supposed to be included in 25 reclamation projects.

Duterte earlier said the proposed Manila Bay reclamation projects will “choke the entire Manila.”

“Not in my time. If you allow one, you have to allow all. If I allow that, I will choke manila. The entire City of Manila will be put in peril,” the President said last year.

“Manila is an old city. It will decay if you add so many things in front of Manila Bay,” he added.


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