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Is it the right time to make a career change?

With the uncertainty brought by the pandemic, job seekers, displaced professionals, and even those who have a job may be rethinking their careers and considering best possible options that will provide more job stability.

The Association of Psychological Science’s recent series of roundtables reveals threatening situations prompt people to behave conservatively—the opposite of what people actually need to be doing at such difficult times which is to be flexible and adapt to what the situation is calling for.

According to recent insights revealed by JobStreet, more employees are re-evaluating their jobs and have begun thinking differently about what they really want to do with their lives. 

Recent insights reveal the pandemic has led many employees to reevaluate their jobs and begin thinking differently about what to do with their lives.

“Your career is one of the saving graces during the pandemic, and reinventing it in the midst of COVID-19 is one way to keep motivated, and may also contribute to experiencing a sense of fulfillment right now,” said Mirei Magallona, Telus International Philippines country vice president. 

“Times are unpredictable, so it’s advisable to make well-informed decisions to improve your skill set, staying happy and productive, as well as finding other avenues to help you grow in what you do.”

Magallona shares a few tips to consider if you are reflecting on your career in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Realize your dream

What is it that you really want to do? Imagine a range of possibilities for you to grow not only career-wise, but also personally and holistically. Determine your key strengths to help you tap into your dreams and give you that purpose and meaning.

An immediate reaction would be to leave your current role, but with the status of the job market these days, it’s better to manage the risks and maximize your available opportunities by looking within your organization first. 

Is there a role that you would like to explore? Realizing what you want will help you discuss with your HR partner or immediate supervisor how to find ways to transition to a new role or add projects that you want that are more aligned with your key strengths and interests. 

Recognize what you bring to the table

To make that career decision, you need to understand the skills and experiences that you have. 

Experts say making well-informed decisions is vital during uncertain times.

Consider taking courses to acquire much needed work skills. Skills needed for jobs in line with your field often overlap. Take stock of where you are and seek to update yourself through further learning and work experiences, whether it’s working with other teams, reporting to a second mentor to learn a new skill, shadowing colleagues who are experts in a particular discipline, or even volunteering to experience something new first-hand. 

In Telus International Philippines, for instance, team members are well-trained and provided proper career coaching and road mapping on a regular basis so they are fully equipped to take on the tasks and challenges of their role. 

Create your personal brand

After recognizing what you can offer as a professional, you have to show why they should choose you. Show your value—build up your body of work or portfolio to create a strong case for yourself. Fortify your LinkedIn profile or your resume so it reflects all your proof points as a valuable talent. 

Talk it out

Self-reflection is vital. This practice can be done by talking with whom you are comfortable—be it your immediate leaders or a friend—who can respond, sympathize, and share their own experiences. 

While face-to-face conversations are quite a challenge during these times, you may consider working with a career coach online or joining online groups that meet regularly to share plans and updates. 

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