Those healing cat purrs

They make us smile seeing their cute, furry faces.

They make us feel we are not alone as they lie quietly on the floor, the sofa, and even on our computer table.

They make us feel good when they come to us and rub against our legs.

Cats provide us with warm, loving company as they are friends we can talk to but who never judge us. They just stay near us or lie on our lap, quietly watching us, or keeping us company no matter if we are fat or thin, rich or poor, abled or challenged.

Poknat got stuck between two buildings. 
Cats provide the emotional support we need at any time of our busy lives, or during our moments of weakness and sadness.

But what is more fascinating about cats is that they may also be contributing to our physical well-being, says Micaela in “The Healing Power of Cat Purrs” in

How? Through their soothing cat purrs!

A cat purr within a frequency range of 20-140 Hertz  may be “therapeutically” beneficial to humans, says Micaela.

Stephen Dowling in “The Complicated Truth About a Cat’s Purr” in  says the same thing:

“Cats purr during both inhalation and exhalation with a consistent pattern and frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz. Various investigators have shown that sound frequencies in this range can improve bone density and promote healing.”

Poor Poknat did not eat for more than 24 hours. No one can get him out. 
Here are the health benefits we get from cat purrs, according to Micaela:

1. Lower stress.

2. Decrease symptoms of dyspnea or difficulty in breathing/shortness of breath.

3. Lessen chances of heart attack.

4. Strengthen bones.

“Pet therapy is apparently gaining momentum in many communities, and according to Animal Planet, there is scientific research that suggests pet owners live longer  than those without pets,” Micaela says.

Firemen of Manila  made a hole in the wall of one building to get Poknat out.
She adds, “It seems that our own animals may have the ability to relieve us of our troubles, or at least make our worries seem less important. The bond between pets and their owners may never be fully understood (cats in particular have always struck me as magical and mysterious–and now they have healing powers?!) but it's nice to know having a furry confidant around can add years to our lives.”

If you love seeing kittens and cats, and can love another living being for a lifetime, why not adopt a cat from shelters and animal welfare groups?  You will not only have a loving pet for company who can also heal you with their purrs, you will also help save a life by adopting. Animal welfare groups will be able to rescue more injured, abandoned and neglected cats if you adopt one or two from their shelter.

Amazing cat rescue by firemen

To these firemen, a cat’s life is as important as that of a human being.

They can see him from the hole now. 
In a post in Facebook on January 12 at 7:05 in the morning, Kathlene Bayudan, owner of the cat, thanked the members of the special rescue unit of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) District 1, City of Manila for saving her cat Poknat.  

Here is her post:

“Thank you Special Rescue Unit BFP, BFP-NCR District 1, City of Manila and  Pacofs Paco for saving my cat that has been stuck and trapped between two buildings. Thank you for not giving up in rescuing my cat even if others already did. I admire your effort and hardwork. You made it possible to make a hole of 10-inches cement wall just to rescue my cat out of danger. You prove that you guys have a big heart and are willing to save any living life who needs your help

Special thanks to Principal Merle Angon, Ma'am Sherryll Lim-Robrigado, Esteban Abada High School and the guards of the institution for helping and assisting me the whole day of the rescue. You showed us that your environment is not only safe for your students, but it is also an animal friendly environment. I am grateful to your community for being there with me when I needed help. Thank you so much!

Thanks to the kind, smart firemen, Poknat was reunited with his owner Kathlene.
 And thank you Cat Care Philippines,  ARF Manila Community and PETA Asia for responding and giving me support when I didn't know what to do anymore. Thank you for making my heart strong. I would have given up easily if you are not there showing care and praying for my cat's safety.

Poknat is now safe and regaining his lost energy of one week. I am very thankful to everyone who showed their support. May God bless you all. Thank you!”

I salute owner Kathlene who never gave up on her cat and looked for help everywhere to get her  cat out.  You are a rare breed, Kath. Bless you with all that is good for being such a responsible, truly loving owner.

I hope this will not happen to your cat, folks,  but if you do need help to get your cat out of  difficult, "tight" situations, please call the firemen near you.  We have good men here in the Philippines -- the firemen of BFP -- who are ready and willing to help both humans and cats.  Bless them abundantly. 

Photos by Kathlene Bayudan

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