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Healthy meal replacement shakes for when days are busy

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I admit I’m not one to prepare proper meals for myself. Even during the lockdowns, I often opted for food delivery save for those days when I experimented in the kitchen for my sanity’s sake. But that’s another story.

If I could, I’d rather eat out than make my own food, mainly because it takes so much time for me to prepare a simple meal. There are times also when the food options do not contain enough nutrients to fuel my day. On these occasions, I’d happily choose a healthy meal replacement for one or two meals for the day.

BodyKey Ambassadors Michael Audrey Valenton (leftmost) and Carmela Buenviaje (second from right) with Amway’s (from left) Leni Olmedo, Dr. Gigi Kwok-Hinsley, Carla Cruz

Health and wellness company Amway recently launched BodyKey by Nutrilite, a meal replacement shake that contains essential nutrients from plants to fuel the body. This nutrient-packed shake is ideal not only for those who are always on the go but also for those who want to attain and keep a healthy weight.

“Eating right for what our body specifically requires takes time and some trial and error. Based on my experience, the healthiest solutions are always a shift, not a shortcut. Success usually comes when the changes we made aren’t too drastic,” says Amway Global Senior Research Scientist and Research and Clinical Investigator Dr. Gigi Kwok-Hinsley, during the launching of the product held last week at the Grand Hyatt Manila in BGC. “They should fit into our busy lives and align with our overall health goals. BodyKey by Nutrilite provides the nutrition you need with a high protein, nutrient-packed shake that doesn’t feel and taste like you’re missing out on a lot.”

If you are currently on a weight-loss journey to achieve your health and wellness goals, or to keep your body mass index (BMI) – an indicator of body fat based on height and weight– within the normal range, this one might be a good option for you. Just check with your doctor first before making any changes in your diet especially if you have health concerns and food sensitivities (soy or chia, for example).

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While we all want to look and feel healthy, as well as prevent and control diseases and conditions (like high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, some reproductive health issues, and even certain cancers) it’s always better to get the green light from health experts.

Healthy solutions should fit into our busy lives and align with our overall health goals

It is true that are several factors that affect our weight – our genes, age, as well as environmental influences like our stress level, family habits, and culture. However, there’s one essential element that we can always have control over, our eating patterns.

While the demands of our day-to-day life or our lifestyle may keep us from doing that, having various options and sources can help us choose healthier meals or a healthy meal replacement such as BodyKey by Nutrilite.

On extra busy days, just open one pack, mix it with water, shake it away, and enjoy the drink. This improved version of meal replacement is scientifically formulated to provide essential nutrients needed by our body from one meal. It has more protein from soy and chia seeds than its previous formulation with 17g of plant protein to help satisfy hunger and reduce cravings. It also contains 5g of fiber to support healthy digestion, 22 vitamins, and minerals to provide the key nutrients of a healthy, balanced meal, and 200 calories to help maintain energy levels.

BodyKey by Nutrilite is backed by Nutrilite, one of Amway’s flagship brands and the world’s number 1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand. With over 80 years of leadership in nutrition research and development, it’s the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on its own certified organic farms.

BodyKey by Nutrilite is scientifically formulated to provide essential nutrients needed by our body from one meal

“As an entrepreneur-led health and wellness company, Amway is committed to supporting its customers in their journey to overall health and wellness by offering an arsenal of products that can help them improve their quality of life,” says Amway Philippines Country Manager Leni Olmedo.

“We’re proud to showcase BodyKey by Nutrilite, an all-natural line of meal replacement shakes designed to meet all of one’s nutritional needs for a well-balanced diet that addresses the demands of modern life and supports your health goals,” Olmedo adds.

BodyKey by Nutrilite has taken the extra steps to ensure that you’re taking in something that’s only good for your body. The shakes have no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives, and they are made with non-GMO ingredients. They also contain zero trans fat and are vegetarian-friendly. For your pleasure, BodyKey by Nutrilite offers three flavors: chocolate, café latte, and berry. For more information, check out @OfficialAmwayPH on Facebook and the Amway website at I’m at

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