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Small steps to help save Mother Earth

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In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, e-commerce platform Shopee offers tips for making better and sustainable choices that can help reduce each individual’s carbon footprint. 

Eat low on the food chain

Red meat is one of the biggest contributors to harmful emissions. Once in a while, try swapping out red meat and processed food for plant-based alternatives. Even better, opt for fish, fruits, and vegetables. 

Check out these products available on the platform: KM’s Organic Quinoa in Resealable Pouches (P66), Organic Coconut Sugar (P299), Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (P129)

Shopee celebrates Earth Day with weeklong deals and discounts on select sustainable and eco-friendly products. 

Use eco-friendly household products

Many of daily essentials such as toothbrushes, shampoos, and cleaning materials are made with toxic chemicals that harm the environment. To help address this issue, several brands have developed sustainable products as alternatives. 

Check out: Colgate Natural Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush (P133), EPSA Organic Shampoo (P108),  Messy Bessy Natural Dish Cleaner (P162)

Plant your own garden

Growing an urban garden and eating your own vegetables can help get rid of toxic air released by furniture and electronics and reduce the impact of transporting produce, which takes up a lot of energy. 

Check out: 4 Liters Rice Hull (P9), Shopleaf Organic Neem Oil (P249), Coco Log Orchid Planter (P36)

Reduce consumption of single-use plastics

Disposable utensils, straws, and plastic water bottles are convenient when you’re on the go, but they’re  bad for the environment. As much as possible, avoid using the aforementioned or use substitutes that can be reused multiple times. 

Check out: Klean Kanteen Classic Insulated Tumbler (P1,755), Just Green PH’s Set of 5 Glass Straw (P180), Shoulder Tote Eco Shopping Bag (P20)

As part of its Shop Green campaign, Shopee offers exclusive deals and discounts up to 25 percent off on select sustainable and eco-friendly products until April 25. 

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Buy plant-based food, plant a tree

Every purchase of Coco Mama, Vita Coco, and unMeat bundle comes with a guarantee that one tree will be planted on behalf of the customer.

Food manufacturer Century Pacific Food, Inc. partners with non-profit HOPE for its Earth Week campaign where each purchase of its products will go to planting a coconut tree. 

To join and support the  Shop and Save Our Planet project, consumers simply need to purchase bundles of Coco Mama, Vita Coco, and unMeat at Century Pacific’s food stores on Shopee and Lazada today until April 25. 

Each bundle comes with a guarantee that one tree will be planted on behalf of the customer. Proceeds from the promo will go to the coconut farmers of Sarangani.

According to CNPF, the bundle offerings are in line with its broader sustainability program, specifically a long-term commitment to provide Philippine farmers 100,000 free coconut seedlings every year, over the next five to eight years. 


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