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The truth about air conditioners

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The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration has predicted rising temperatures this summer, and the fever hot weather will make people turn to their air conditioners to cool them down. However,  the thought of an astronomical electricity bill is enough to make household owners break into a sweat and make them think twice or even thrice about turning on the AC.  

But will the use of air conditioners really send people into the poor house? Apparently, some of the notions about air conditioners are really more hype than truth. Here’s a few common myths about ACs and the real score about them.

Myth: I can’t use my AC the whole day because it will blow up my electric bills. 

Fact: It all really depends on how people use the air conditioner and the kind of technology it has. A programmable thermostat allows the comfortable temperature at home to be maintained while conserving energy when it isn’t needed. A good option would be a unit with a DC Inverter Technology like the Inverter Split Type Aircon from global appliance manufacturer Midea.  The technology allows the AC to switch between the compressor and the fan after reaching ideal temperatures to save on energy. 

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Myth: The AC won’t run as much (and use too much electricity) if you use it with fans. 

Fact: Fans only move the air around and do not have the capability to cool the air. Although fans can lower body temperature, they do not have the ability to manage the heat inside a room. The key is to use the AC sensibly by keeping the thermostat at an efficient setting. Better yet, get one with energy-saving features. 

The Midea Genesis White Model, for example, has a Turbo DC Inverter that comes with a wide range of frequency and voltage options to make it more efficient in saving energy. The feature switches from the compressor and the fan once the room has reached ideal temperatures to save on power. The compressor running uses the most energy, to it saves you money if it can be on standby mode.

Choose air con units that are efficient and have energy-saving features

Myth: AC units are very noisy and can disturb sleep. 

Fact: If your air conditioner is ancient and is older than your eldest, then that rattling and disturbing noise is no mystery. Most old air con models can be noisy, but if your unit is not that ancient, check out if it only needs servicing. Investing in an inverter split type unit designed to function without noise might be a good idea, and Midea’s units have a Quiet Mode that promises a noise free performance.  The Genesis White model, specifically, has a large diameter cross flow fan that limits indoor unit noise by lowering the fan speed for the soundest of sleeps. 

Myth: The AC does not need regular servicing.

Fact: Air conditioners need time to rest, and they will also appreciate some tender loving care just like any other regular domestic appliance. Regular servicing and maintenance will go a long way in keeping the unit running efficiently and smoothly, and prevent sudden breakdowns. 

Nowadays, there are air conditioners that are equipped with self-cleaning and maintenance features, like the Midea Genesis White that has a Self Clean and Refrigerant Leakage Detection technology that keeps the unit free from molds and detects refrigerant leakage.  

A good after sales service is also important. Professional maintenance, like the one provided by the Midea After Sales Service for all its inverter air conditioning units (Midea Genesis White, Mirror Black, and Primera) can ensure that the unit is supported by a good network for a worry free performance. 

So who says people need to sacrifice comfort to keep electricity bills down? It may take something as practical and easy like finding the right appliance with the right set of features to keep you comfortably cool even during the hottest days of the year.

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