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Making digestive wellness a priority

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As Nutrition Month begins this July, it’s an ideal time to emphasize the importance of proper nutrition and a healthy digestive system. Good digestive health is crucial for overall well-being, starting with the food choices we make. However, in today’s fast-paced world, achieving a balanced diet can be challenging.

The FAO’s 2022 report highlights that around 3 billion people worldwide did not follow a healthy diet in 2020. In the Philippines, many adults fail to meet essential nutrient intake recommendations, leading to undernutrition issues. Research indicates that Filipino adults often have diets lacking in essential nutrients, increasing the risk of diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

Digestive wellness is key to unlocking the nutrients in our food, powering energy, immunity, and mental well-being. Without a healthy digestive system, even nutritious meals may not be fully utilized. A well-balanced diet rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals is essential for a healthy digestive tract. Despite efforts, many diets fall short, and supplements can help bridge nutritional gaps.

According to a report by Vero and Decision Lab, at least 70 percent of Millennials and 60 percent of Gen Z regularly take vitamins and supplements, with 75.5 percent of Gen Z and 85 percent of Millennials using supplements to boost immunity.

While food should be our primary source of nutrients, busy schedules, reliance on processed and fatty foods, and certain cooking methods can reduce the nutrient content of our meals. Supplements play a vital role in filling these nutritional gaps and maintaining digestive health. Digestive enzyme supplements can aid in breaking down food more effectively, making nutrient absorption easier. Similarly, probiotics introduce beneficial bacteria to the gut, supporting a healthy microbiome and improving digestion.

For example, LAC GastroRx Digest Enzymes enhance nutrient absorption and support healthy digestion. LAC Probiotics Complex 25B CFUs capsules promote nutrient absorption and boost gastrointestinal health.

By focusing on proper nutrition and incorporating beneficial supplements, we can maintain digestive health even with busy lifestyles. A healthy gut means a happier you—let’s prioritize digestive wellness this Nutrition Month and beyond.


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