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Four ways to give mom the gift of ‘time’

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Mother’s Day isn’t just about gifts; it’s about cherishing our bond with mom and acknowledging her vital role.

Time is the most precious gift – time together, showing gratitude, and indulging in personal interests. Here are four meaningful ways to honor mom’s love, strength, and dedication this Mother’s Day.

Time to say “thank you”

Amid our busy lives, we often forget the endless sacrifices our mothers make. This Mother’s Day, let’s pause to express our deep gratitude. Whether through a card, letter, or a simple text, acknowledging her efforts means the world.

Time to treat mom

Moms balance numerous roles, often neglecting their own needs. This Mother’s Day, let’s urge Mom to take time for herself. Whether it’s a spa day, pursuing hobbies, or a café outing, prioritizing her relaxation can greatly benefit her well-being.

Exercising together is another way to cherish one’s bond with their mother

Time to embrace wellness together

Mothers often prioritize family needs over their own, putting their health on hold. LAC (Leader in Antioxidative Control), a top health supplement retailer in the Philippines, suggests a unique Mother’s Day celebration this year: promoting family wellness activities. Whether swimming, practicing yoga or enjoying a nature walk, these activities remind moms to prioritize their health and show how much their well-being matters.

Time to revitalize her youth

In our fast-paced world, mothers face stress that can speed up aging. LAC suggests using supplements to support overall well-being and slow aging. StemC, made from premium horse placenta and synergistic ingredients, aids cellular regeneration and physiological health. Developed in Japan, its potent blend promotes skin elasticity, vitality, and strength, helping mothers feel rejuvenated inside and out.

Additionally, incorporate supplements like LAC FullCal which contains a Calcium Magnesium ratio 2:1 for optimum absorption with co-nutrients such as Vitamin D3 and more. This convenient on-the-go melt-in-the-mouth powder for strong bones and teeth helps ensure optimal nourishment, supports healthy muscle function, and aids muscle contraction and relaxation, making the journey smoother for experienced moms. 


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