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Viy Cortez on motherhood: ‘Our child needs a happy mom, not a perfect one’

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We all know that being a mom is tough. It’s filled with both amazing moments and hurdles to jump over. It’s about caring for your kids, helping them learn and grow, and dealing with challenges along the way. Despite the difficulties, the love for your children makes it all worthwhile.

For entrepreneur, social media personality, and first-time mom Viy Cortez, motherhood is like “a roller coaster ride” filled with “ups and downs.” However, she emphasized the immense fulfillment that comes with raising a child.

Viy joins the Watsons Mom & Baby Fair with fellow celebrity mom Solenn Heussaff

“There are so many challenges but when you’re done with the ride, you’d be so happy because it’s so fulfilling knowing you did it,” she said during a talk at the inaugural Watsons Mom & Baby Fair held at the Mall of Asia.

According to Cortez, balancing her responsibilities as a mom, content creator, and entrepreneur requires careful time management and prioritization. “My priority is my child, Kidlat, second is my business, and then my role as a content creator,” she shared.

“I can’t stay still when I’m doing something and he cries on the side. That’s why if you notice, I do my content for social media at night because that’s when Kidlat is asleep,” she added.

Cortez also stressed the importance of self-care for mothers. “I get to attend events like this because I have someone looking after him, and Cong is also there to help me,” she said.

Viy balances her mom duties with her entrepreneurial endeavors and her social media career

Cortez and her partner, streamer and content creator Lincoln “Cong” Cortez Velasquez, welcomed their first child in July 2022. Since then, the kid has become the center of their attention and, just like them, has become quite an online celebrity himself.

Cortez encouraged new mothers to embrace imperfection and seek support. “There’s no right formula for being a mother,” she said. “Our children don’t need a perfect mother, they need a happy one. Don’t forget to still do the things that used to make you happy. What’s important is if you’re happy, your children will be happy too, they’d feel secure when you’re happy.”

“The struggles of mothers are very difficult but also the most rewarding,” Cortez concluded emotionally. “Let’s not be pressured by outside noise. No one else can give the right love to our children but us.”

The Watsons Mom & Baby Fair, running from May 6 to 12 at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium, aims to support families with exclusive discounts, infor-mative talks, and engaging activities.

Viy shares how her child takes top priority in everything she does

Celebrity moms Solenn Heussaff and Viy Cortez headlined the event, offering parenting insights. The fair also featured talks, a baby shower for the Watsons Mom Community, and product booths from leading baby brands.

The Watsons Mom & Baby Fair provided a one-stop shopping destination for families, offering everything from prenatal supplements to children’s necessities. Interactive areas allowed parents and children to explore products in a fun and informative way.

The fair also offered a space for parent connection through the SM Supermalls SuperMoms Club, and a relaxation area with massage chairs for moms. Shoppers enjoyed free popsicles and a photo booth to capture memories.


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