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Global apparel upgrades linen collection for maximum summer comfort

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This summer, global apparel giant Uniqlo is unveiling its latest updates to its linen collection, promising even greater comfort with the finest natural materials.

The expanded lineup showcases a fusion of 100 percent European Premium Linen alongside innovative linen blends with smooth rayon or soft cotton, offering a diverse range of textures and styles to suit every taste.

Renowned for its cool and comfortable Premium Linen, sourced from flax cultivated in Western Europe, Uniqlo’s collection boasts a smooth texture and exquisite luster. Among the highlights this season are the newly introduced men’s premium linen shirts, available in classic silhouettes and a myriad of color options, catering to a wide spectrum of fashion preferences.

What sets Uniqlo Premium Linen apart is its certification as 100 percent European Flax, ensuring traceability through rigorous third-party verification processes. Notably, the cultivation of plant fibers is conducted with utmost environmental consciousness, with zero waste generated during production.

Complementing the premium linen offerings are a range of linen blend items designed to maximize breathability and softness. Noteworthy additions to the collection include one-piece dresses crafted from a blend of linen, cotton, and rayon, seamlessly marrying the breathability and luster of linen with the softness and wrinkle resistance of cotton and rayon. These versatile pieces are designed for effortless styling and promise everyday comfort for wearers.


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