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Live, work, and connect at lyf

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When the pandemic hit us, one of the great things it taught us was quickly adapting to work remotely – that a work-from-home setup was indeed possible. With the right and fast Internet connection, together with your laptop or iPad, you’re good to go.

In fact, this has been practiced even before COVID-19 existed by most people who do freelancing. But four years later after the pandemic began, more people tried to embrace this.

The rise of remote work helped people to do leisure travel without affecting their work. Travelers look for accommodation that can cater to both productivity and comfort. Enter hotels with co-working spaces – a hospitality trend offering the best of both worlds.

Nestled in the heart of Cebu City, experience-led social living space lyf Cebu offers a vibrant mix of work and leisure options. It’s a short walk from Fuente Osmena Park and provides easy access to public transportation, making it ideal for exploring the city.

The ‘Collab’ room includes a long table and a television screen where groups can have a space dedicated for meetings

“lyf Cebu City is not merely a space; it’s a dynamic, vibrant lifestyle that we’re bringing to Cebu for the very first time. We are thrilled to bridge the gap between local warmth and international co-living innovation here in Visayas and Mindanao as the first international co-living serviced residence,” said Rey Vergel Mulat, lyf Champion (Residence Manager).

By blending the concepts of co-working and co-living, The Ascott Limited’s development aims to create dynamic environments where residents can connect and share resources. The communal aspect of these living arrangements encourages creativity, innovation, and a sense of belonging among residents.

lyf Cebu caters to diverse needs. Solo travelers will find comfort in the “One of a Kind,” a cozy studio with a queen-sized bed featuring a charging ledge for ultimate convenience. The property offers twin rooms in two layouts for traveling companions: side-by-side or feet-to-feet. These rooms share the same amenities as the solo option. Groups or families can spread out in the “All Together”, a spacious layout with four bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living area-–perfect for creating lasting memories together.

The “Connect” area is your one-stop shop for collaboration and focused work. High-speed internet, comfy chairs, and ample power outlets create a workspace designed for maximum efficiency. Need some quiet time? The “Nook” provides a private haven for uninterrupted focus.

The ‘One of a Kind’ bedroom features a cozy studio with a convenient charging ledge beside the bed

When it’s time to unwind, head to the “Stadium” lounge area for casual relaxation and socializing.

Bond over shared meals at “Bond”, the fully equipped social kitchen. Here, you can create delicious dishes, exchange recipes, and share the joy of cooking.

Move the party from the kitchen to the “Dip” pool area. Or, head to the “Unwind” rooftop clubhouse for stunning views, drinks, and unforgettable Cebu sunsets.

Burn some calories at the 24-hour “Burn” gym, featuring top-notch equipment. For an extra dose of fun, take the indoor slide from Burn straight into the outdoor area of Bond!

lyf takes the chore out of laundry with the “Wash and Hang” social launderette. Play games, read, or simply hang out while your clothes get clean.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to live, work, or simply connect with others, co-living at lyf Cebu City offers an exciting glimpse into the future of experiential-led social living. Embrace the new era of shared experiences and discover a sense of belonging unlike any other.


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