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A K-Drama-inspired home? 

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Residential development in Bulacan
brings smart solutions to Filipino households

Over the weekend, I had a sit-down chat with Vic Katigbak, the Project Technical Manager at Amaia, a part of Ayala Land’s residential business group. He also oversees the company’s New Business, Innovation, and Sustainability department. Our interview took place at Amaia Scapes in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, where Amaia Home Solutions was officially launched.

According to Katigbak, Amaia Home Solutions revolutionizes daily living through innovative household functions. It is meticulously designed to elevate efficiency and convenience through the seamless integration of technology and the Internet.

“When I first introduced it as a concept, people said, ‘Oh, it’s like in K-dramas,’” Katigbak said, admitting he doesn’t watch Korean series. “Most houses in K-dramas are smart homes with smart locks where they use passcodes or fingerprints. That’s what we’re doing here, with added features, of course.”

The revolutionary household functions aim to elevate efficiency and convenience for residents

“This technology has been in existence for years, but what makes Home Solutions different is that we’re introducing it to the mid-market, we are making it affordable,” he added. “Previously seen in high-end developments, ordinary people can now experience its promise to revolutionize daily living.”

During his presentation at the press launch, Katigbak elaborated on the features and functions of Home Solutions.

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The Smart Outlet, for instance, is a home automation outlet featuring a USB port that can be controlled remotely via smartphone, offering unique connectivity for enhanced home functionality and convenience.

Another innovative feature is the Smart Touch Glass Switch, a touch-sensitive electrical switch activated by a tap and controllable via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, adding sophistication and convenience to the home. Additionally, the Smart Smoke Sensor utilizes advanced technology for improved communication and connectivity, providing an enhanced approach to smoke detection and bolstering home safety.

From left: Owen Martinez, Jeanette Saturnino, Raizel Matibag, Racquel Cruz, Kathy Mamaril,Vic Katigbak, Petes Gamboa, and Joel Punzalan at the Amaia Home Solutions official launch

Meanwhile, the Smart CCTV is a weatherproof outdoor camera equipped with powerful lenses and infrared LEDs, enhancing home security.

The Smart Door Lock incorporates smart technology for enhanced security, allowing homeowners to unlock it using various methods such as smartphones, fingerprints, RFID, passcodes, or access cards.

Lastly, the Multimode Gateway serves as a versatile network device acting as a central hub that connects mobile devices to all smart home features, enabling multiple connections to smart devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

This centralized control system, according to Katigbak, ensures effortless management of various home functions. Additionally, features like the in-wall outlet with USB ports, outdoor CCTV, Smart Door Lock, Smart Light Switch, and Smart Smoke Sensor contribute to creating a sophisticated and secure living environment.

“These features are currently available in Single Home 60 house type of Amaia Scapes Bulacan Sector 3C,” Katigbak said. “But we are planning to introduce them to our future developments, including our existing ones, in the near future.”

Beyond innovation, Amaia Home Solutions prioritizes sustainability, Katigbak said. This includes various eco-friendly features like heat-reflective roofs and light-colored facades that minimize ultraviolet emissions. Adequate windows foster natural ventilation for a healthier indoor environment, while the inclusion of patio greens helps create a lush and cool atmosphere.

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