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How Samsung makes daily tasks easy through AI

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Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy S24 series, equipped with the revolutionary “Galaxy AI” suite, marking a significant shift towards AI-powered smartphones. This innovative addition empowers users to effortlessly accomplish everyday tasks, from communication and information gathering to content creation and note-taking.

Live Translate removes language barriers by translating voice calls, face-to-face conversations, and messages in real-time, even offline. The Galaxy S24 also translates texts and keyboard input, ensuring seamless communication globally.

The Notes app now automatically summarizes long documents and organizes them with features like auto-format and AI-summarized notes. Voice recordings are effortlessly transcribed with Transcript Assist, making meetings and lectures easily reviewable.

The ProVisual AI Engine, equipped with AI Zoom and Object-Aware Engine, elevates smartphone photography. AI Photo Editing empowers users to adjust photo angles, remove unwanted objects, and add artistic effects like portrait and background blur. Instant Slow-mo utilizes AI to create smooth slow-motion videos without blur.

The Galaxy S24 series offers additional enhancements like larger displays, extended battery life, and Smart’s 5G network plans, providing a comprehensive and powerful user experience.

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