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A brushstroke of creativity and community

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Crimson Resort & Spa recently kicked off the holiday season with a festive Filipino-themed event that not only lit up their Christmas tree but also set the stage for one of the most vibrant art showdowns on the island – the Art Warrior Live Painting Competition. This clash of creativity took place on November 11, offering a visual feast and free entertainment for the island resort’s guests and visitors.

The brainchild of Crimson Boracay’s General Manager,  Patrick Manthe, the Art Warrior Live Painting Competition brought together talented artists who transformed blank canvases into masterpieces within a mere 20 minutes. 

The event showcased a diverse range of artistic styles, from serene portraits to abstract masterpieces, all created under the pressure of the ticking clock.

ON DISPLAY. The finished artworks of live painting contestants

The winners were determined by the audience attending the event, adding an interactive and engaging element to the competition. Tattoo artist  Adrian Nelson Ibesate emerged victorious, captivating the crowd with his depiction of the “woman who cannot be seen or heard.” 

Meanwhile,  Jenny Lyn Patricio  secured the runner-up position with her interactive blue light painting titled “Dare to Dream.”

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The competition featured two elimination rounds, with the top two artists from each round advancing to the final showdown. The finalists presented a captivating array of artwork, including a serene lady adorned with flowers, an abstract masterpiece, a powerful “make love not war” statement, and a striking black and white portrait with vibrant colored highlights.

From left: Art Warrior Live Painting Competition winner Adrian Nelson Ibesate, Crimson Boracay’s General Manager Patrick Manthe, and runner-up placer Jenny Lyn Patricio

Other artists showcased remarkable talent with works featuring guitar player and chimpanzee paintings.

“We’re deeply connected with the local artistic community, actively supporting and fostering the growth of artists. We want them to continually evolve and thrive, ensuring there’s always a platform for them to showcase their artistic creations,”  Manthe told  Manila Standard Life  in an interview.

Art enthusiasts and island visitors alike are encouraged to mark their calendars for December 16 when Crimson Boracay will host the grand finale of the 2023 Art Warrior event. The finale will feature the previous winners and runners-up from this year’s competitions, promising an unforgettable display of artistic prowess.

Crimson Resort & Spa lights up its Christmas tree

The success of the Art Warrior event suggests that it deserves to be expanded across all Crimson hotels in 2024. Such initiatives serve as exceptional platforms to discover new artistic talent, foster a deeper appreciation for art, and create a sense of community engagement.

Crimson Boracay’s commitment to community extends beyond the Art Warrior event. Manthe highlighted the hotel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, which involves training 10 to 15 students with certain skill levels. After 10 weeks of training, there is an exhibition where the students present their works, and all proceeds go to them. This initiative not only supports local youth but also contributes to the flourishing artistic scene in Boracay.

Participants of Art Warrior Live Painting Competition

Manthe emphasized the therapeutic nature of art, especially during challenging times. The hotel actively engages guests and the local artistic community through painting classes and events like Art Warrior. 

“Art has become a channel for guests to cope with anxiety, and Crimson ensures that there is always a venue for artists to showcase their works,” Manthe said.

Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay, situated in the exclusive Station Zero, offers a unique and luxurious experience on the island. With breathtaking views, pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and a commitment to the arts, Crimson is not just a destination; it’s a canvas waiting to be explored and appreciated.

Art Warrior Live Painting Competition gathers talented artists who transform blank canvases into masterpieces in just 20 minutes

“After visiting Crimson, some find inspiration to start daily painting, but it’s not just about art. We encourage guests to explore various creative pursuits, offering opportunities for active engagement through painting classes, events like the Art Warrior, or simply observing with the potential to join in the future. It’s more than a destination; it’s a place to unleash creativity,” Manthe concluded. 

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