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When your coffee makes you healthier, more beautiful

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A recently launched coffee brand promised that looking and feeling better can be added to the list of benefits one can get by just drinking their coffee. 

Luxxe White Coffee, officially launched on November 6 at Mall of Asia Arena, is distinguished from any other coffee brands for its unique formula. It boasts a unique infusion of Premium Japan Collagen for improved skin elasticity, Japan Glutathione for detoxification and skin brightening, Garcinia Cambogia to aid in reducing fat production and appetite, and a blend of L-Carnitine, Barley, Spirulina, Grape Seed, and Mangosteen for overall health benefits.

Beyond its health advantages, the coffee brand offers a guilt-free indulgence in its rich Butterscotch Flavor, sweetened with Stevia. 

“This will be the easiest way for you to take care of yourself while enjoying your coffee every day,” emphasized Frontrow CEO  Sam Verzosa  during the grand product launch.

The meticulous development of Luxxe White Coffee was underscored by Frontrow mentor  Richmond Yu, who stated, “We really thought about the product carefully before releasing it.”

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Both Richmond and Frontrow owner Verzosa and  RS Francisco  actively participated in the conceptualization and production of the brand to ensure the best and most beneficial experience for their distributors and end-users.

The grand launch hosted by Billy Crawford also recognized 137 new millionaires, 80 new car owners, and 59 new property owners from the company. 

“Now is the time to turn our dreams into gold,” stated company president RS Francisco during the event. 

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