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IKEA, Marimekko embody self-care with limited collection

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By Gabriella Andrea Tresvalles and Kyla Marie Victoriano

According to IKEA Philippines’ report, modern Filipinos focus their concerns on their health, well-being, and housing situation. It claims that 79 percent of Filipinos are prioritizing their emotional and physical well-being, and 70 percent are trying to find ways to improve their home.

In some ways, the two go hand-in-hand because a well-decorated home could help boost a person’s mood and encourage them to better care for themselves. 

In previous years, interior design trends shifted to welcoming more cozy and comfortable designs because of its benefits to the residents who want nothing more than to relax within the confines of their personal spaces. People opted for natural materials and earthy tones for their furniture and fixtures. 

This year, IKEA Philippines unveils a new collection that could elevate any room while bringing an extra dash of comfort by following a stylish and familiar theme that most people associate with relaxation – a sauna. 

Made in partnership with Marimekko, a design house celebrated worldwide for its original prints and colors, the latest limited collection, dubbed BASTUA, draws inspiration from nature and the self-care rituals of the Nordic sauna. 

According to the Sweden Ambassador to the Philippines, Annika Thunborg, Swedish saunas are heated rooms or buildings that bring families together after a long day of doing chores or work. 

Sweden Ambassador to the Philippines, Annika Thunborg

Besides being influenced by the Nordic sauna culture, the collection, taken from its original Swedish term, “Bastu,” also represents the Nordic heritage. IKEA is famous for its minimalistic furniture, decorations, and other household items, which use eye-catching patterns to bring vibrancy and character to any room through its other fabric products. 

Through the BASTUA Collection, Marimekko and IKEA want to promote the joys and pleasure brought by self-care rituals that have been relevant in today’s generation by making a better life for everyone. 

As the collection aims to bring color and joy to lives and homes everywhere, Marimekko’s mission naturally complements IKEA’s goal to create a better everyday life for many people, sharing the identical value of making great design accessible to everyone. 

Various pieces from IKEA x Marimekko collaboration exhibited in its media launch
IKEA’s Wellness Advocates presenting the BASTUA Collection on the runway

The limited edition collection combines Marimekko and the Swedish furniture retailer’s design aesthetics. In addition to the typical IKEA Scandinavian design items, the BASTUA collection features 29 unique pieces with four bold patterns and colors from Marimekko, which were created and established by designers Maija Louekari and Sami Ruotsalainen. These prints include Raparperi (rhubarb), Höyrykukka (steam flower), Pötkö (bar stripe), and Puuleikkaus (woodcarving).

From P200 to P3,990, IKEA shoppers can acquire a limited collection of pieces that can brighten their homes with vibrant, aesthetic Nordic-inspired designs. The BASTUA Collection also boasts aesthetic yet practical and sustainable elements that spruce up one’s living space.

It will allow residents and homeowners to turn their spaces into a sauna, and reap its cozy benefits, without the costly renovation. They can also bring in a touch of sustainability and feel as if they’re closer to nature through the well-curated designs of the pieces. 

The BASTUA collection is available now for a limited time at IKEA Philippines store in Pasay City.


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