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Seek permits in advance, Taguig City tells special events organizers

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The Taguig City government is implementing an ordinance requiring public activity organizers to apply for a Special Events Permit at least five days before the event.

Special events are planned activities on public property that may impact city services, resources, neighborhoods, or businesses.

The ordinance aims to ensure safety, secure vehicular and pedestrian traffic, improve environmental sustainability, and reduce conflict between events.

General and specific requirements may apply differently depending on the event’s nature.

Special events include but are not limited to:

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·         Athletic events

·         Bazaars, pop-ups, street fairs

·         Concerts and/or Fan Meets

·         Exhibits including car shows

·         Film Showing/Advance Screening

·         Filming and/or photoshoots (commercials, magazines, pre-nuptials)

·         Fireworks display

·         Food truck/s

·         Mall sale and/or other mall-wide events

·         Mini carnival

·         Product launches and/or activation

·         Moving events (runs, walks, rides, parades, processions, motorcades, etc.)

Applications must be filed with supporting documents at least five working days before the event, with special services required 15 working days earlier.

If food, beverages, or physical articles will be sold, vendors must provide a list and a food handling permit/health certificate from the City Health Office.

If the event involves music, dance, or other forms of entertainment that require sound amplification, attendees must ensure adherence to city noise regulations.

Applicable fees must be paid depending on the special event being applied for.

Failure to adhere to the ordinance may result in the closure of the event, accompanied by a fine ranging from one thousand pesos (P1,000) to five thousand pesos (P5,000), and/or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six (6) months or both, as determined by the appropriate court.

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