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CamSur unveils new ‘iconic’ capitol project

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The Provincial Government of Camarines Sur on Wednesday launched what Governor Miguel Luis Villafuerte said was an “iconic” new CamSur Capitol building, which aims to promote the province’s environmental sustainability and cultural heritage.

The Villafuerte political clan—Camarines Sur 2nd District Rep. L-Ray, former governor Luis, and current Governor Miguel Luis—joins architect Carlos Arnaiz in standing over a scale model of the proposed new CamSur Capitol building (inset) in a press conference Wednesday in Makati City. Lino Santos

At a press conference in Makati City, Villafuerte said the building would cost around P500 million based on preliminary estimates and would be finished in 18 to 24 months. Funds would be sourced from the provincial government’s coffers, he added.

To be built in the provincial capitol of Pili, the building designed by Carlos Arnaiz Architects or CAZA features roofs inspired by the curved husk of the pili nut, the top local delicacy, and will look like a giant flower when viewed from the sky.

Boasting a covered open-air atrium structure, the CamSur Capitol also features extensive greenery and lies in the shadow of the extinct Mt. Isarog, said chief architect Carlos Arnaiz.

The proposed building will be four stories tall, with a covered parking area at the ground floor, a multi-purpose lobby open to the public at the second level, administrative offices at the third floor, and the governor’s quarters at the top level.

“We really thought of building an iconic building that will set apart from the rest. We looked for an architect who could design something unique but at the same time, affordable and within our budget,” Camarines Sur 2nd District Rep. L-Ray Villafuerte said.

“When people see the capitol building, our vision is for them to recognize immediately that it is in CamSur, it’s in the Philippines,” added the lawmaker and father of the governor.

The ecological-friendly structure is part of a strategy by the Camarines Sur government to become a technologically advanced province, Governor Villafuerte said.

CAZA’s work has been featured in various publications such as ArchDaily, Dezeen, and A as Architecture, has been a recipient of numerous international recognition and was a finalist for ArchDaily’s Best Buildings of the Year and Architizer’s A+ Awards.

The CamSur government is also set to launch a 20-hectare PNR (Philippine National Railways) Central Train Station “within the administration of President Duterte,” Villafuerte noted.

“The Provincial Government of Camarines Sur is a leader in promoting and understanding sustainable development. We provide a collective vision and direction towards the common goal of a sustainable future,” the governor said. 

“With this commitment in mind, we are building the new iconic CamSur Capitol building — a world-class and eco-friendly infrastructure that preserves culture and supports sustainable tourism,” he added.

The CamSur Capitol building, Villafuerte said, “shall become an icon for the Philippines with its visually striking design and appropriate functionality features. It shall stand the test of time and shall be enjoyed by Filipinos for decades and even centuries, to come.”

Camarines Sur is the first local government unit to build a ground-breaking provincial capitol building that will set new standards in its field, the governor said, as the launch “will be an opportunity to learn more about Camarines Sur as one of the most innovative provinces in the country.” 


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