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MisOcc 2nd District Rep. Congratulates Newly Elected Senate President Escudero 

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In a recent speech delivered during a town hall gathering of local officials, Misamis Occidental Second District Representative Sancho “Ando” Oaminal, expressed his full support for Francis Joseph “Chiz” Escudero, following the latter’s election as Senate President. 

Escudero was nominated, and subsequently elected, as Senate President last May 20, after his predecessor Juan Miguel Zubiri resigned from the post. 

“I am certain that the Senate, under the leadership of the honorable Senate President Escudero, will reach new milestones and initiate new and meaningful legislation,” Oaminal noted. “Senator Chiz’ extensive experience as a lawmaker, and his unwavering dedication to public service are hallmarks of his capabilities as a leader. I am honored to have witnessed these qualities firsthand,” he further emphasized.

Like Escudero, Oaminal began his political career at a relatively young age, and has since had experience in both the executive and legislative branches of government. The Misamis Occidental representative is frequently cited among the top performing members of congress in both regional and national rankings. 

“Succeeding the productive tenure of Senator Migz Zubiri, I’m confident that Senator Chiz will be able to guide the legislative agenda towards addressing pressing issues, promoting social justice, and driving sustainable growth for the Philippines. Under his guidance, we anticipate that all laws passed will align with the people’s best interests in mind,” Oaminal concluded []


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