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Baguio City signs pact with PHILTRA on events

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The Philippine Trail Running Association (PHILTRA) and the City Government of Baguio have formalized an agreement to ensure the success and safety of trail running events within the city.

Both parties said the partnership is a landmark collaboration aimed at elevating trail running experience in Baguio City.

Under the terms of the agreement, PHILTRA, recognized as the accrediting body for trail running events, will assist in the accreditation process for trail running events in Baguio City. This involves ensuring that events meet the highest standards and guidelines set by PHILTRA and international governing bodies.

Moreover, PHILTRA will actively promote accredited events to encourage participation and provide technical assistance to both event organizers and the city government in establishing policies and procedures.

The City Government of Baguio, on the other hand, pledges its full support to the sports of trail running by providing logistical assistance, ensuring safety and security measures are in place, and facilitating the acquisition of necessary permits and authorizations for trail running events.

Additionally, the city government commits to promoting the events through its communication channels, engaging local businesses and communities, and upholding environmental sustainability practices.

“This partnership marks a significant step forward in our efforts to promote and enhance the trail running experience in Baguio City,” said Tin Ferrera, VP and Secretary-General of PHILTRA. “By working hand in hand with the City Government of Baguio, we aim to create memorable and safe events that not only showcase the natural beauty of Baguio but also contribute to the local economy and community development.”

“The city finds that the accreditation of trail running activities organized by PHILTRA aligns with the city’s goal of promoting sports tourism in the country,” Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong said.

This partnership underscores the city’s commitment to supporting outdoor sports and promoting Baguio as a premier destination for trail running enthusiasts not just during events but also for their training and leisure trips.

 Magalong also welcomed the Philippine National Team of Trail Running and Coaches during the signing of the agreement. He listened to the team’s success stories and how they are enjoying the cold weather, the easy access to training facilities and the trails of the Cordillera mountains and the food and people of Baguio.

Baguio City is the team’s regular training camp venue. It can be recalled that the 2023 delegation to the World Mountain Trail Running Championships (WMTRC) has stayed in Baguio for two months before the event to gain the much-needed training and to easily adjust to the altitude and elevation in Austria where the competition was held.

Christabel Martes, a Baguio resident and coach and the lone Southeast Asian female finisher during the WMTRC short trail race in 2023, said that altitude training is critical for an athlete’s success in trail running and she is grateful that her city is supportive of the training of the Philippine National team who hails from different parts of the country.  “Most of our members in the team do not have access to mountains with altitude and terrain like what we have here in the Cordillera.  That is why we chose to have them train and be based here for major competitions like the upcoming Southeast Asian Trail Running Cup.”

The agreement between PHILTRA and the City Government of Baguio reflects their shared vision of fostering a vibrant trail running community while prioritizing safety, sustainability, and community engagement. Both parties are confident that this partnership will pave the way for the successful staging of trail running events that will be enjoyed by participants and spectators alike.


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