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China not just an ally, but a big brother — Cagayan Governor Mamba

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TUGUEGARAO, Cagayan – The visit of China’s officials led by His Excellency Huang Xilian, the People’s Republic of China’s ambassador to the Philippines, along with counselor Dr. Ji Linpeng and representatives from the embassy Xin Yiwei and Zhu Chenxian, marked a momentous day in the province of Cagayan.

Governor Manuel N. Mamba, Provincial Administrator Atty. Maria Rosario Mamba-Villaflor, department head of the Capitol of Cagayan, municipal mayors, and board members warmly welcomed China’s diplomats.

The governor conveyed his gratitude to China for its assistance during the calamity. Huang’s visit to Cagayan symbolizes a stronger friendship and brotherhood.

“Today, as we stand on the threshold of a new chapter in our relationship, let us commit ourselves to the values of partnership. Let us work hand in hand to create a future in which the people of Cagayan and China can thrive, grow, and prosper together.

“It is in moments like this that the true spirit of friendship and partnership shines through, and we are honored to count China not only as our steadfast ally and friend but more so as a big brother,” Mamba emphasized.

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The governor hopes that China will support the province of Cagayan as an international gateway to affluent countries in Asia. These include the reopening of an international standard seaport in Aparri, an international standard airport in the town of Piat, and the railway system connecting to the said port.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Huang Xilian also thanked Gov. Mamba, officials of the government of the province of Cagayan, and all Cagayano residents for the group’s warm and cordial welcome.

Not only are the Philippines neighbors of China, but they are also relatives of the Filipino people.

“We, Chinese people, do not only consider you as neighbors but also our relatives,” Huang said.

“I’m very happy to be here in this wonderful province. I thank Governor Mamba, by having this kind of hospitality and I am very happy to see the beauty of this province. I’ve been looking forward to visit some other time,” Ambassador Huang said.

Additionally, he complimented the governor for his honor for the province. Additionally, he is the father of the province that upholds the “people-centered” ideology.

In relation to this, Huang also imparted the Confucian philosopher’s sermons, which the people still adhere to this day. This is also the rationale behind their promotion of behavior’s significance in the coming generations.

We owe our forebears loyalty. Not just for a single year, but for many generations to come, we have responsibility. Having said that, Huang remarked, “This is the reason we cherish our friendships with our neighbors so much.

Amidst the three-day diplomat visit, he participated with governor Mamba and other authorities in the formal presentation of Christmas gift packets valued at two million pesos (P2,000,000).

Also, he paid a personal visit to the Port of Aparri. along with Governor Manuel Mamba. Mayor Bryan Chan, Department Heads at the Cagayan Capitol, and City Barangay Officials. Ten members of the Aeta community are Lopez Corpuz, Wilmer Alicuman and Generwin Moños from the barangay Aridowen Sta. Teresita is the first person to receive aid who is the most affected by disasters.

His Excellency Huang Xilian visited the Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat, one of the country’s most well-known churches led by Mayor Leonel C. Guzman, Vice Mayor Reymundo E. Villaciete III as well as the personnel of the Provincial Tourism Office.The church is situated in the Poblacion, Piat, Cagayan.

Mayor Nelson Robinion and staff of the local government of Sta. Ana celebrated the special guests of the province and the governor in the paradise of Pozo Robo Beach in the barangay of San Vicente.

Ambassador Huang Xilian highlighted the potential of Cagayan not only in the trade industry but also in the tourism sector.

“We’re here to foster the friendship that already exists. We have helped Cagayan recover from the typhoon since the beginning of this year,” Huang continued.

Kevin Niño Baclig, the curator of the museum, also discusses the historical background of the close relationship between China and the province of Cagayan.

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