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Fight for your liver with proactive care

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The liver, your body’s unsung hero, filters toxins, makes proteins, and stores vitamins.  However, liver disease silently steals lives in the Philippines.

A staggering 16,500 Filipinos died from liver complications in 2022.  Fatty foods, lack of exercise, and certain medications contribute, to making over 18 million Filipinos vulnerable. Even those with normal weight are at risk.

World Liver Day (celebrated on April 19) highlights the need for action. Experts recommend healthy eating, exercise, and potentially, supplements.

LAC, a leading health and wellness provider, champions proactive liver care with LAC Activated Liver Protector. This herbal blend combines traditional wisdom with modern science to support optimal liver function.

“Our mission has always been to empower individuals on their lifelong wellness journeys—this commitment extends to liver health,” says Evelyn Teo, LAC Global CMO. “Especially with the evolving lifestyles of Filipinos marked by shifts in dietary habits, increased stress, and higher exposure to toxins, maintaining optimal liver health has become imperative to counteract modern health challenges and sustain holistic well-being.”

LAC offers a range of supplements for various needs, promoting a balanced and fulfilling life.   

Headquartered in Singapore, LAC Global is one of Asia’s largest specialty retailers in nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbal, and other specialty supplements in Anti-ageing and Beauty, Immunity, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, and Energy.


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