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‘Bevi’ of beauty

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Beauty and wellness brand continues to bloom with new products and ventures for its 18th year

In celebration of its 18th year of being one of the leaders within the industry of beauty, skincare, and wellness, Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc. (BEVI) is set on further expanding its reach within the Filipino market through the introduction of new products.

As the proponent of the kojic soap brand Kojie.san in the country, BEVI has found success throughout the years. While the iconic soap takes on a prominent place in the market, BEVI has also decidedly secured its business’ growth through exploring other ventures and diversifying its products.

Kelcey Chua, Senior Brand Manager of BEVI’s iconic kojic soap brand Kojie.san, spoke about the new Kojie.san +, which diversified its line of products through the introduction of new ingredients paired with kojic acid.

The team behind BEVI shares a toast for the firm’s 18th year in business

“We understand that there are different needs of our growing consumer base so we wanted to add the ingredient favorites like the kojic acid + glycolic acid, kojic acid + salicylic [acid, and] kojic acid + Vitamin C, just so that our consumer can experience the full line,” said Chua.

There is also the new Diamond Skin by Kojie.san line which is a premium rejuvenating facial set. Chua explained that the line was meant to target the current trends of facial sets as there was a demand for it within their market.

The brand was also relaunching its Life by Kojie.San product line, a line of liquid food supplements targeting health and wellness concerns. It caters to individuals seeking improvements in sleep quality, detoxification, and anti-aging.

Chua noted that BEVI’s innovations are designed to keep up with the current demands of the market when it comes to beauty.

Kojie.san Senior Brand Manager Kelcey Chua reveals the upcoming product lines for BEVI’s iconic kojic soap brand

“Beauty is forever evolving, right? So what’s beautiful today can be different tomorrow… that’s also our basis in terms of developing new products–the evolution of beauty and how we can keep up with that mismatch,” the executive explained.

BEVI’s hygiene brand Defensil, which features a range of pimple defense and alcohol products, has also announced its newest line of antibacterial soaps with five scents which are Clean Ivory, Spring Breeze, Sunshine Fresh, Cool Arctic, and Soft Blossom.

Apart from that, BEVI has also stepped into the pet food market through the launch of its Happy Bites by Top2Tail line which includes a range of dog food fit for their different life stages.

“We have [dog food] for [puppies], for adults (small breed and large breed). We also have [one] for active working dogs, then [for the] first [time] in the Philippines, [we have dog food] for senior dogs. So for every [dog’s] life stages, you’ll be having a complete and balanced solution,” said Mich Almonte, the brand manager of Happy Bites by Top2Tail.

BEVI has also announced its expansion into eCommerce, global distribution expansion, and digital marketing initiatives through Basic Integrated Global, Inc. (BIGi), analytical and testing laboratories through SPC Microtech, manufacturing services through Beauty Elements Ventures Manufacturing, Inc. (BEVM) and One Stand Point Manufacturing Corporation (OSP), and manufacturing bottled products through Philippines Bottling Beverage (PBB).


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