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Interiors to help your sex life

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When someone walks into your space, they should be able to learn a bit about you. If you’re a die-hard sports fan, you’ll probably have a few pieces of jockish memorabilia set against your team’s colors.

Interiors to help your sex life

Lovers of nature might boast plant heavy interiors with an eye for natural materials when it comes to finishes. An academic may focus a room on their favorite texts while a cinephile may frame everything around a Hollywood scene.

Interior design is a means to project both lifestyles and desires, of who you are and who you want to be. It’s a chance for you to curate your life by getting someone in the mood for you. 

Yet, regardless of taste or style, a space is turned upside down when it’s context is a sexual encounter.  That shrine to Le Bron James? That wall of Pulp Fiction props? They may be cool to you but, when trying to bed someone, your interior choices may cast you as too distractingly dorky to be sexy.

Designing an interior with sex in mind is a fine art, one that requires a balancing of personal taste with proven techniques to make all involved look and feel as sexy as possible. 

The objective is to enable environments to “express their femininity, or masculinity”, and make everyone look as attractive as possible in the process. 

Setting a mood

Interiors to help your sex life

Candles are a safe bet along with dark, tactile materials like leathers or suedes along with furs, real or not. 

Furniture featuring upholstered leather and nail studs—a la, a headboard—suggests kinkiness without doing anything but existing while a great chaise may invite more than a cuddle as an alternative bed. 

Then, of course, there’s the actual bed. A four poster bed lends itself in some capacity for a more risqué sexual experience. When paired with a well placed antique mirror, an inviting and revealing shower, and ambient lighting that is neither LED nor fluorescent, one will have given more than enough suggestion of sexual intention.

It’s all about subtlety

A big No to shapely furniture pieces,   “sexy” posters, or leaving out a copy of a book like Fifty Shades Of Grey. Nobody feels sexy if they walk into someone’s house and it’s full of sexually charged photography or art, unless it’s part of a personal collection, and connected to the individual.

Sex appeal of a space should happen naturally—just like your own sex appeal. A space has to feel elegant and comfortable and luxurious. The most important elements are lighting and color. The palette of mauve tones along with the warm lighting makes the space feel sensual and feminine.

To entertain and create a comfortable—and, yes, even sexy—atmosphere, kill the ceiling lights. Use the lighting from sconces or floor and table lamps. And put them all on dimmers.


Interiors to help your sex life

Balance between class and crass


Select art pieces and designed moments don’t have to be adjusted when in-laws come over. And, sometimes, so-called normal home spaces can be just as kinky as they invite people to get creative with different sexual scenes. A separate play space is often the holy grail, but people are more often using everyday rooms in their homes for play, so the edges between sex spaces and every-day domestic environments are increasingly blurred.

Do it for yourself, do it for your sex life

For you to have great sex, you need to not only be in the right mood but your immediate surrounding, should be right as well. In a well-designed space, every element, down to the colors and smells you chose will reflect the clear intent for love, healing and relaxation. 

Right Feng Shui 

Relationships can be treated by correcting the energies of the most important room of all, the bedroom. Since the bedroom is all about peace, harmony, love and passion, the right Feng Shui enhances the relationship, and helps save marriages. Right environment including colours and the position of the bed do the trick. In fact the way a bedroom looks gives one an insight into the state of a couple’s marriage.


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