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Fresh, high-quality shrimp made accessible for everyone

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Shrimp is a popular seafood choice and for a good reason – the premium ingredient is simply delicious.

But as much as we want to serve it on our tables frequently, the cost can be prohibitive, and fresh options in the metropolis remain limited.

Chef and culinary educator Rob Pengson, in fact, calls shrimp “a high-value item on every menu.”

To address this and to make shrimp accessible to everyone, DATAJ Aquafarms launched its latest innovative product—the DATAJ Live Catch fresh processed shrimp.

“For this, we wanted to make excellent shrimp more readily available and accessible to more people. We invested in our farms and processing plants, and undertook careful research and training in order to achieve our vision,” said DATAJ Aquafarm acting general manager Joseph Garcia.

Chef and culinary educator Rob Pengson prepares dishes such as crispy Asian shrimp salad and creamy shrimp and chorizo pasta with DATAJ Live Catch shrimp

“Shrimp has become a staple food for us. Indeed, all markets would have shrimp. But with us, you can consider us as your one single area—a farm that produces roughly around 15 tons of shrimp a day,” he added.

During an intimate media event on June 26, Garcia also discussed how it was possible to create fresh yet processed shrimp.

“We are a unique farm that processes live shrimp. So, we harvest them alive and we have a container that is aerated. Once they reach the processing plant and we transfer them to the conveyors, they really are still alive,” Garcia said.

DATAJ Aquafarm Inc. in Cagayan province grows and harvests high-quality Litopenaeus vannamei or whiteleg shrimp and utilizes the latest in European blast-freezing technology to seal in its goodness.

Chef Rob shared how this kind of product could help him as a professional chef.

“Having shrimp this way is something we chefs appreciate because it is a game-changer in our business—helping us save on costs in preparation and storage,” he said.

Chef Rob showcased the potential of DATAJ Live Catch with dishes such as shrimp tostada with guacamole, crispy Asian shrimp salad, and creamy shrimp and chorizo pasta.

“The best ally of any cook is Mother Nature – if you pick a mango at its freshest, there’s nothing you need to do to be amazed. If it’s not the right timing, you know it’s not a good experience. It’s like getting the shrimp at its best quality – very similar to the way tuna is caught for sushi chefs,” he said.


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