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Five delicious layers for coffee lovers

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Milestone celebrations are made more special with the new Goldilocks Coffee Layered Crunch. Perfectly moist and delicious, this new coffee cake is sure to become a crowd-favorite among Goldilocks cake lovers.

With its five layers, one will surely fall in love with every slice. Indeed, it’s one Goldilocks creation one wouldn’t want to miss.

Indulge in the Coffee Layered Crunch, where every layer is a different experience:

The first layer includes a base made of a dense chocolate brownie. This serves as the foundation for this masterpiece as it beautifully holds the rest of its enticing elements. A whipped cream layer is found on top of the brownie, giving it a luscious airiness. Then comes the middle layer which features Goldilocks’ classic mocha chiffon. From this, our tastebuds are treated to a generous serving of coffee mousse. Its rich and creamy consistency give it a delightful indulgence that’s bound to make you want more. To top it all off, a layer of crunch made with sweet and chewy cashew praline. And with its toffee-like finish, the cake’s topmost layer is a beautiful contrast in every bite.

(Order a Goldilocks Coffee Layered Crunch today. For only P699, let Goldilocks Coffee Layered Crunch be the centerpiece of your milestones – from special days like Father’s Day, to simple gatherings like family dinners and meriendas. It’s bound to be your new coffee obsession.)


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