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#AiceSpotted: Aice Ice Cream takes over unexpected places this summer

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Summer is here, and what better way to beat the heat than with your favorite ice cream? 

Ice cream has been a beloved choice for cooling off during the hot weather, and while being relatively new to the industry, Aice has definitely been making waves in the Philippines ice cream scene. 

Known for its affordable yet high-quality ice cream, Aice has become a crowd-favorite among individuals, families, young adults, professionals and definitely food enthusiasts.

What many may not realize is that Aice is also conveniently available at unexpected locations — making it even more accessible to Filipinos this summer.

National Bookstore has started carrying Aice products, providing a sweet treat for book lovers or stationery aficionados who want to indulge in something while browsing through their favorite titles or sweeten their shopping experience with a delightful ice cream break. 

Retail pharmacy store AllGreen has also jumped on board, offering Aice ice cream as a refreshing snack option for shoppers looking for health and beauty needs.

Neighborhood grocery stores like DALI have also added Aice ice cream to their shelves, making it easier for customers to grab a quick treat. 

But Aice’s reach doesn’t stop there — for those gearing up for summer getaways at resorts, Aice ice cream is readily available at the Amana Waterpark in Bulacan as well as with over 120 stores conveniently located in various leisure destinations across the country. 

If you’re running errands and need to drop off your laundry or get your car washed, you can still have that refreshment and enjoy Aice ice cream, with more than 50 stores combined laundry and car wash shops carrying the brand.

On top of that, consumers can also get Aice in most unexpected places such as gym, printing shops, water refilling shops, salons and more. 

Whether you’re cooling down after a workout, waiting for a haircut, or simply craving a refreshment treat, Aice ice cream is always within reach.

See list of locations where you can find Aice here


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