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Have a taste of the famous Tsukiji Market at JETRO and Dough & Grocer’s first-ever ‘Seafood Market’

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The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has recently teamed up with Dough & Grocer to present the “Bringing You A Taste of Japan: Seafood Market” event at Estancia Mall.

This partnership celebrated the greatness of Japanese seafood and the world-class potential of homegrown brands.

“Dough & Grocer carries many premium Japanese food products and offers an authentic Japanese food experience to Filipinos. JETRO is currently working with Mitsukoshi BGC to offer Japanese seafood products mainly to Filipinos who love Japan, and by working with Dough & Grocer, we hope to make even more people aware of the appeal of Japanese seafood products,” said Makoto Sudo, director of JETRO Philippines.

The famous Tsukiji Fish Market has long been hailed as the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and unparalleled variety of fresh catches.

This Japanese landmark served as the inspiration behind the “Seafood Market” at Dough & Grocer, where guests had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the essence of this iconic culinary destination.

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“We’re flying in a wide variety of fresh & seasonal seafood from Japan and we’ve created new dishes specifically for this event. It’s a must-try experience because the seafood that we’re bringing in aren’t the common ones you’d find always readily available in the Philippines. The wide variety will make you feel like you’re in the fish market in Japan,” said Alyanna Uy, founder and CEO of Dough & Grocer.

At the “Seafood Market,” diners can savor the best of Japanese seafood three ways: Chef’s Choice Donburi (rice bowl), DIY Chirashi Bowl (rice bowl with seafood toppings) and through a Sushi/Sashimi Set.

Diners can choose from seven kinds of Donburi, each one highlighting combinations of premium seafood from across Japan. The seven donburis are the Kaisen Don (Akami, Madai, Fujisan Salmon, Hamachi, Kinmedai, and Tamagoyaki), Bara Chirashi Don (Akami, Madai, Fujisan Salmon, Tamagoyaki, and Tobiko), Ryoshi Don (Ma Saba, Asajime Hamachi, and Akami), Toyama Don (Hotaru Ika, Kurobai Gai, Asajime Hamachi, Kinshi Tamago), Hokkai Don (Zuwaigani, Uni, Hotate, and Kinshi Tamago), Hotate & Asari Don (Simmered Hokkai Asari, Simmered Baby Hotate, Simmered Hotate, Shiitake Mushroom, and Kinshi Tamago), and Kaki Shigureni Don (Simmered Kaki Oyster and Shimeji Mushroom).

Meanwhile, the DIY Chirashi Bowl is best for adventurous foodies who want to choose their own toppings for the Yumepirikai Sushi Rice, which comes in variations of three, five, and seven kinds of toppings of their choice. With every rice bowl order, guests will get free additional toppings of Ikura, Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp), and Hotate (Scallops).

For those who will choose the Sushi/Sashimi Set, diners have three options: Aburi Shime Saba Oshi Sushi, 3-Kinds Omakase Sashimi (with Fujisan Salmon, Suzuki, and Ma Aji), and 5-Kinds Omakase Sashimi (with Fujisan Salmon, Asajime Hirame, Asajime Shimaaji, Suzuki, Ma Aji). Each set comes with two additional pieces of Temaki (sushi hand-roll) free of charge, namely Ikura Temaki and Hotate-Amaebi Temaki.

(The “Seafood Market at Dough & Grocer” is just one of the many activities mounted by JETRO as part of the “Bringing You A Taste of Japan” campaign in the Philippines. For updates, visit

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