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Crispy meets creamy: Why Jollibee’s Tuna Pie should be your go-to snack

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Jollibee, the country’s beloved fast-food chain, invites Filipinos to treat themselves to a classic staple on its menu that has continued to capture the hearts and taste buds of snack enthusiasts everywhere — the Jollibee Tuna Pie.

While the Tuna Pie has been a consistent favorite during Lent, the combination of a crispy crust and creamy tuna filling has made it a go-to daily snack option.

Popular influencer Namy Ulenka, praised Jollibee’s Tuna Pie for always delivering on its promise to provide the best of both worlds: “The crispiness of the crust paired with the creamy tuna filling inside are a perfect combination. The Jollibee Tuna Pie is a real game-changer for me. It’s my go-to for my on-the-go everyday snack!”

Jollibee’s Tuna Pie also caught the attention of foodie KaFoodtrip, citing its versatility.

“It’s not just the comfort food aspect that gets me, but the great pairing of the crispy crust and the creamy tuna filling. Jollibee’s Tuna Pie is the sophisticated yet accessible treat that I often recommend,” KaFoodtrip said.

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Make the Jollibee Tuna Pie your everyday choice so you don’t miss out on this unique and delectable treat that’s redefining convenient comfort food with its crispy and creamy combination.

Jollibee’s Tuna Pie is available nationwide in Original or Spicy and in Solo or 3 Pies To-Go.

(Head to your nearest Jollibee branch and treat yourself via dine-in, takeout, or drive-thru. You can also have your favorites delivered via the Jollibee App,, #87000, GrabFood, and Foodpanda)

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