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Maharlika Carbon Opens Registration for Environmental Projects 

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Manila, Philippines – Maharlika Carbon, NetZero Global’s Article 6 Environmental Venture for the Philippines has opened the registration call for all Environmental Projects. This open call is to facilitate the registration and development of all and any projects that may sequester carbon through regenerative practises on land or in the sea, that can either count towards the Nationally Determined Contribution under Article 6 of The Paris Agreement, or via Natural Capital projects and the participation in the Environmental Markets. 

About Maharlika Carbon 

Maharlika Carbon, launched at COP26 is dedicated to operationalising Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, and developing an Environmental Market to drive significant economic, social and environmental impact across the Philippines. 

By digitalizing the Environmental Markets, Maharlika Carbon enables social mobility, regenerative environmental projects, and economic growth. Our approach ensures transparency, accountability, and innovative solutions that benefit both the environment, society and the economy. 

Our Current Initiatives 

  • Indigenous Forest Protection: Safeguarding 6,793,190 hectares of forest to deliver over 4.3 billion tCO2-e over 30 years. 
  • Regenerative Agriculture: Developing methodologies that create US$1.54 billion in regenerative credits while enhancing food security. 
  • Clean Water and Cooking Projects: Transitioning populations to clean water and cooking solutions, generating employment and improving public health. 
  • Green Hydrogen Power: Utilizing unique technology to replace fossil fuels with hydrogen, generating significant environmental credits and economic benefits. 

Join the Green Revolution 

We invite innovators, environmentalists, and project developers to submit their project proposals and contribute to transformative environmental initiatives. Selected projects will benefit from funding, expert support, and inclusion in a global network committed to ecological preservation and innovation. 

For more details and to submit your project proposal, visit Maharlika Carbon’s Call for Projects. 

Contact: Maharlika Carbon Email:


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