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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Free Throw Shooter by Nathaniel Dela Cruz

Balik laro

“AMAK” is what we used to call those with an insatiable appetite for playing basketball, those who gorge on more than three helpings of hoops every day: basketball in the morning, after lunch, late in the afternoon, and up until the homeowners association’s basketball curfew in the evening; they have to, or else they won’t get to sleep at night with the sound of a rubber ball bouncing from...

Bilog Ang Bola

BILOG ang bola. Irony in three words. I’ve heard and said it many...

LATEST Free Throw Shooter by Nathaniel Dela Cruz


The Region Beta Paradox

“PEOPLE rationalize divorces, demotions, and diseases, but not slow elevators and uninspired burgundies.” Or, as a manifestation of the region beta paradox, when a terrible...


I came across a photoshopped image of Damian Lillard in a Miami Heat uniform, flanked by Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. The caption reads: Who...

And justice for all

Basketball justice. We all know what it is. A missed free throw for a foul that wasn’t there—that is justice—unless, of course, the person...

Barangay Basketball

They say basketball is a religion in the Philippines, and the devotees are never without their prayers, many of them praying to win. Victory,...