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PIPPA asks ERC to suspend generator’s reliability and outage rules

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The Philippine Independent Power Producers Association asked the Energy Regulatory Commission to suspend its rules on the interim reliability performance indices and outages allowances of power generators until end of 2023.

PIPPA said in a filing with the ERC the rules are “flawed” as the provisions failed to take into account the technical and economic realities faced by the generation sector.

PIPPA said there is a need to repeal the provisions of the interim outage rules as it sets a limit for planned outages of power plants.

It asked the ERC to amend the definition of planned outages to include outages reflected in the revisions of the Grid Operating and Maintenance Program or those approved by the system operator, amend the prescribed planned outage allowance, and amend the scope of the interim outage rules to exclude run-of-river facilities considered as variable energy.

PIPPA also asked ERC to delete provisions on administrative sanctions and rescind show cause orders and penalties previously issued pursuant to ERC Resolution 10.

The regulator issued ERC Resolution no. 10 Series 2020 on Nov. 16, 2020 pertaining to the rules on the interim reliability performance indices and equivalent outage days per year of generating units with the objective of setting a reliability performance benchmark per technology for all generating units to lessen outages and ensure predictable power supply and rate.

The rules sets out the allowable planned and unplanned outage days depending on the generating plant’s technology and allows the imposition of sanctions, fines and penalties for violations of the said rules.

PIPPA is an association of 28 generator members with a combined installed capacity of about 18,132 megawatts.


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