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Food industry goes to the Cloud

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A technology provider company aims to reach a wider market in the food and beverage industry using cloud-based management solutions.

Mosaic Solutions offers services to ease day-to-day operations of F&B businesses such as food chains and restaurants. It provides solutions in inventory management, data analytics, point of sale and consumer purchasing.

Company founder and chief executive Brett Doyle considers the Philippines an ideal destination for Mosaic because of the country’s thriving F&B industry. He believes that a dedicated centralized operating system is necessary for F&B groups.

“When looking for an initial market to start within Southeast Asia, I wanted to target a market that had a large F&B sector and placed an importance on F&B. The Philippines certainly hits both marks, with over 90,000 registered F&B outlets and total annual spend amounting to 25 to 30 percent of overall consumption,” said Doyle.

Mosaic Solutions founder and CEO Brett Doyle

Data from Statista show that the gross value added of the services in the F&B industry reached P223.02 billion in 2021, after experiencing a downturn in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic.

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Doyle called for continued investment in internet and technology infrastructures to facilitate a more widespread use of online and app-based ordering which, he said, has become a significant contributor to the industry’s overall sales.

“This omni-channel approach will get to the point that restaurants will not really be targeting the digital space at all, but just targeting customers more efficiently wherever they might be,” Doyle said.

“This adoption of new technologies will continue to help drive the rebound of the F&B industry and is here to stay,” he said.

Mosaic said the Philippines’ internet economy, as measured by gross merchandise value, “grew 93 percent to $17 billion last year, underpinned by a 132-percent expansion in e-commerce”. It is expected to reach $40 billion by 2025.

The company capitalizes on cloud technology, which simplifies functions such as data collection, remote monitoring of the business and employee performance and other aspects in managing F&B operations for efficiency and accessibility among users.

Doyle said that consumer-wise, cloud technology paves the way for fast and easy transactions such as contactless payments and online orders, as their services are easily accessible through internet-connected devices.

“Companies like Mosaic that can create a central operating system to help improve operations, simplify usage of technology and build up an ecosystem of apps as part of this central OS, will help drive this adoption and make F&B companies more sustainable,” he said.

Established in Manila in 2016, Mosaic Solutions has worked with well-known companies including The Moment Group which manages Manam, Oma, 8Cuts and Din Tai Fung.

It also provides services to well-known brands such as WildFlour, Barcino, Single Origin, Bo’s Coffee, Mary Grace, Contis, ArmyNavy, Pan de Manila, Grab, Kraver’s Canteen and SM Malls.

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