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Sunday, April 21, 2024

AboitizLand bares contactless deals

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Real estate developer AboitizLand Inc. launched digital-based home buying options to clients who want to accelerate the property buying process in the safety of their homes.

AboitizLand said its Contactless Home Buying service is a welcome development at a time when the housing sector plays an integral role in softening the effects of coronavirus on the health of the economy and its people.

The Subdivision and Housing Developers Association Inc., the country’s largest organization of subdivision and housing developers, proposed several measures to stimulate the economy and ensure the safety of the population.

One of the proposed courses of action is for financial institutions and property developers to make property purchases and home loan takeouts feasible and uncomplicated.

AboitizLand said it was employing innovative steps in the home buying process. It said that from property viewing to unit reservation, everything could be accomplished through its digital platform, thereby reducing the need for face-to-face interaction.

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