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Nation-building through good governance

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In a recent sales kick-off that our company conducted in Baguio City, we were privileged to have Mayor Benjie Magalong share about good governance as part of our Leadership Talk.

The talk included corruption, among others, as part of the country’s traditional politics. Corruption is a term I often hear, and after hearing Mayor Magalong spell out how government projects embed corruption, I am shocked about how little I knew about it.

During the talk, Mayor Magalong joked about the analogy between an ordinary and a political thief. In this joke, a regular thief will choose who to rob, while we are the ones who choose the political thief to rob us. We fight to defend our personal belongings from the ordinary thief, but we fight with each other to protect and defend the political thief. It is shameful.

So, how do we solve it?

Mayor Magalong admitted that he does not think traditional politics will change in his lifetime. However, he is encouraging everyone to participate in promoting good governance, no matter how small our actions may be.

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In an article I wrote entitled, The Mission of Forming Lasallian Business Leaders, a critical realization I had in my DLSU MBA program is to shift my lens from how situations affect me to looking at myself as part of a community and how interrelated our actions are.

The shift of the point-of-view made me realize the effect of one person’s effort and how that effect multiplies as more people are involved. The change in the point-of-view is also actual for battling corruption in the country.

Mayor Magalong discussed a movement called “Mayors for Good Governance (M4GG)”. M4GG is an anti-corruption drive for local leaders who seek citizen empowerment, active political participation and inclusivity to curb corruption. I am inspired to know that we still have public servants who care about changing the deeply embedded culture of traditional politics.

In a world where uncertainty often clouds our horizons, the beacon of hope shines brightly through the principles of good governance. Good governance is not just a buzzword; it’s the foundation upon which nations and companies are built. It promises a better tomorrow, where equality, justice, and transparency prevail.

Good governance matters, and it ignites hope for culture and nation-building. Good Governance ensures that decisions are made openly, with information accessible to all. It’s the light that banishes the shadows of corruption and secrecy.

Leaders are answerable to their citizens and employees. It’s the assurance that those in power work for the collective good. Good governance encourages citizen and employee involvement in decision-making. The bridge connects leaders and the people, creating a sense of ownership in culture and nation-building.

Hope is not just a wish; it’s a belief in the possibility of a better tomorrow. Good governance fuels this belief by promising a fair, just and prosperous nation and organizations. Let’s champion good governance and light the way to a brighter future together.

The author is a recent MBA graduate from the Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business, DLSU. Visit her blog at

The views expressed above are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official position of DLSU, its faculty and its administrators.

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