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Climate change campaign empowers young minds

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The Philippines’ leading clean energy provider, Lopez-led First Gen Corporation, is engaging elementary students in its host communities through exciting activities under its environmental awareness program.

The program, called Create for the Climate (CFTC), aims to simplify complex concepts and issues about climate change for young minds.

CFTC incorporates storytelling sessions and interactive games to transform difficult climate concepts into engaging learning experiences.

Pupils who implement climate action projects (CAPs) for their schools and communities receive medals, school supplies, and other incentives. To further encourage environmental initiatives, First Gen offers seed funding for the most innovative CAPs.

Over 600 students participated in the program, forming 52 groups across various locations. Their CAPs reflected a strong awareness of environmental issues. Many projects focused on creating useful items from discarded materials collected through school garbage drives.

A recent series of activities organized by First Gen and its sister company, FP Island Energy Corporation, showcased the successful outcomes of the CFTC program. These activities targeted schools located near First Gen and FP Island power plants.


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