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PSA, DICT roll out Digital National ID to improve delivery of gov’t services

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The Philippine Statistics Authority teamed up with the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DIC) to roll out the Digital National ID, along with authentication platforms National ID eVerify and National ID Check.

PSA Undersecretary Claire Dennis Mapa described the Digital National ID, National ID eVerify and National ID Check as “another step towards digitalization.”

More than 87 million Filipinos who have registered to the National ID are now capable of accessing their Digital National ID online and be verified through stronger authentication platforms such as the National ID eVerify and National ID Check, he said.

“This collaboration between the PSA and the DICT is a fulfillment of our shared goal towards Makabagong Pilipinas, where services are delivered efficiently and securely through digitalization,” said Mapa.

“With these developments, every registered Filipino now has improved access to a reliable and secure proof of identity that can be easily authenticated on their devices. This will facilitate the faster distribution and wider utilization of the National ID, with relying parties finding it easier to onboard to the National ID system,” he said.

NEDA Secretary and PhilSys Policy and Coordination Council chairperson Arsenio Balisacan said the Digital National ID would revolutionize the delivery of critical government services, enhancing efficiency and accessibility across the board. The advancement will have far-reaching implications for social welfare benefits, financial inclusion opportunities and innovation, he said.

Balisacan said the Digital National ID would be a key technology to advance the government’s strategies contained in the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028.

“It is difficult to overstate the potential impact of this project: it will enable efficient identity verification to significantly improve the overall efficiency and quality of government services, especially in the delivery of responsive and timely social welfare benefits. We hope to lessen leakages and ensure that public money is spent where it must be spent,” said Balisacan.

He also highlighted the tangible benefits that will be felt by those receiving social assistance: “It will also reduce inconvenience—lining up, filling up redundant forms—on the part of intended beneficiaries: farmers and fisherfolk, students and mothers, the poor and vulnerable, those hit by disasters and urgently needing social assistance, and so on,” he said.

The Digital National ID system allows Filipino citizens to access and download their National IDs on their smartphones, providing a convenient and secure method of identity verification for transactions with agencies and companies.


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