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Local start-up simplifies family healthcare management

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Filipino start-up MILA Business Solutions Corp. recently launched the innovative MILA app, a patient-centric health data storage application that aims to transform how Filipino families handle their healthcare records.

“The MILA App empowers mothers to confidently manage their families’ health with convenient access to secure digital health records,” said MILA App CEO Faustino “Bam” Salvador Jr.

MILA offers a one-stop platform for managing children’s medical records and appointments, seamlessly sharing healthcare data with providers and families, creating a family health plan, maintaining a digital baby book, storing and tracking immunization records, setting medication and appointment reminders, and adding personalized health notes.

Parents can centralize all their children’s health data in one secure location, making life easier and ensuring all medical records are readily available.

The app’s development stemmed from some 64 percent of Filipino parents struggling to recall their child’s medical history during appointments.

“As a mother, I understand the challenges. MILA provides a powerful tool to simplify children’s health management, bringing peace of mind, confidence, and ease to families,” said MILA App chief marketing officer Ma. Jezzika Kierulf.

MILA is supported by Pulse 63, Kaya Founders’ healthcare venture arm, ensuring a solid foundation for future development as a safe and convenient health record storage tool.


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