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GS1 shows latest technologies, calls for PH shift from barcode to QR code

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GS1 Philippines, the leading organization on local barcode standards, is joining industry experts and stakeholders for a global discussion on the latest barcode technology and the push for the transition from the traditional linear barcode to the 2D QR code.

It made the call ahead of the GS1 Standards Week 2024, which will take place from April 23 to 26, 2024.  This three-day virtual gathering will welcome over 5,000 member organizations from GS1 Philippines and partners of GS1 around the world.

Attendees can expect a series of informative sessions that will cover a range of industries, including retail, marketplaces, consumer packaged goods, fresh foods, healthcare and transport and logistics, showcasing the latest barcode innovations.

A key highlight at the GS1 Standards Week 2024 is the opening plenary session focused on the global push for the adoption of the 2D barcode, most popularly known as the “QR code.”

The next generation of barcodes will leverage web technologies and the current barcode system to store extensive product information in one scan, promising limitless possibilities set to further improve operational efficiency in the supply chain industries and benefit brand owners, retailers and consumers.

By 2027, GS1 Philippines aims to have prepared all sectors nationwide for a complete transition to 2D barcodes, anticipating that all global retail POS scanners will be equipped to read and process these advanced codes, supported by widespread adoption among brand owners.

“GS1 Standards Week 2024 marks a transformative milestone in our mission to drive the global supply chain industry forward. Amid rapid technological advancements, we are spearheading a new era of digital integration where enhanced barcode connectivity significantly boosts efficiency and sustainability worldwide,” said Roberto Claudio, president of GS1 Philippines and the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA).


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