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DA unveils country’s first mobile plant food safety laboratory

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The Department of Agriculture (DA) unveiled the Philippines’ first Mobile Plant Food Safety Laboratory, a powerful tool to safeguard food quality and sanitation in the country.

Agriculture Secretary Francisco Tiu Laurel Jr. said the laboratory-on-wheels brings the tools of food safety directly to agricultural communities.

“This enables proactive monitoring and immediate intervention. Its mobility ensures flexibility and accessibility, allowing us to reach even the most remote areas and respond promptly to emerging crises,” he said.

The P20-million mobile van can navigate through remote areas. The mobile lab has a modular set-up that could accommodate rapid screening and testing for pesticide residue, heavy metals and microbiological contaminants from 20 to 30 samples per day at an affordable cost.

The lab is designed to be adaptable and future-proof. New tools can be added to determine and resolve emerging threats.

Tiu Laurel underscored the DA’s unwavering commitment to safe food for all Filipinos.

“As we continuously work towards a safer and more resilient agriculture sector, let us not lose sight of the fundamental principle that food safety is not just a task for our government agencies; it is everybody’s responsibility,” Tiu Laurel said.


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