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Business groups support call for LTO’s full transition to LTMS

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Several business groups, including car dealers, motor vehicle insurers, accredited IT providers and road safety watchdogs expressed support behind the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) management information division (MID) which called for a serious push for the agency’s full transition to the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS).

“AAP fully and wholeheartedly endorses the full implementation of LTMS as espoused by the LTO MID group in its recent press statement. The system brings with it modernization, transparency, and above all, efficient public service not just to our members, but more importantly to the country’s motorists,” said Augustus Ferreria, president of the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP).

“The LTMS not only represents a significant technological leap but also assures a corruption-free environment – a vital factor in any national progressive goal. This move reflects a genuine commitment to enhancing the experience of owning a motor vehicle and we at AAP stand firmly in support of the government’s efforts,” said Ferreria.

Willy Tee Ten, president of the Philippine Automotive Dealers Association (PADA), said his group welcomes and applauds the statement on 100-percent LTMS usage that LTO MID issued.

“PADA appreciates the tangible benefits that the new LTMS system had provided which resulted in faster turnaround registration time as well as quicker new plates assignment. PADA will continue to support the digitalization efforts of LTO,” Ten said.

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Mitch Rellosa, executive director of Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association (PIRA), commended the efforts of the LTO MID. “As far as PIRA is concerned, there is a significant improvement on LTO’s efforts to improve their database management. With LTMS exclusively handling renewal transactions, LTO has done a great service to the public by reducing their cost for registration. PIRA wholeheartedly supports these worthwhile actions of LTO,” Rellosa said.

Martin de los Angeles, vice president of Philippine Transport Monitor (Philtram), said they felt the improvements brought about by LTMS in terms of faster drivers’ licenses and motor vehicle renewals. “We are glad that finally the LTO’s MID will push for 100-percent use of LTMS, especially since it is the government-owned system which brings millions of savings to the motoring public,” he said.

Jeane Catherine Mondejar, CEO of Vox Dei Protocol Systems Inc., commended the performance of LTMS.  “The system allows the motor vehicle owners and driver’s license card holders to process renewals and registrations quickly.  Having the system in place is a leap in the modernization of the LTO through automation and technology,” Mondejar said.

The LTO MID earlier called for a full transition and 100-percent utilization of the LTMS which was installed by German-led joint venture group Dermalog-Holy Family Printing Corp.

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