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Gold miner receives award at the Mines Safety Congress

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The Didipio Mine bagged its second consecutive safest underground mining operation award at the 69th Annual National Mines Safety and Environment Conference (ANMSEC) in Baguio City.

Didipio Mine president and general manager for External Affairs and social performanceJoan Adaci-Cattiling said the award is a testament to the company’s commitment to having not only a safe working environment for its workers, but also protecting communities and the environment.

“This award is a validation of our responsible mining operations, that we ensure that our workers work and go home to their families safe and sound every day; while making sure that our host and neighboring communities, as well as the environment, are protected,” Adaci-Cattiling said.

The Didipo Mine adopts technologies such as remote and semi-auto bogging that ensure not only productivity, it eliminates the exposure of underground operators to open stopes. Other safety features inside the Didipio Mine includes self-rescuers, refuge chambers, escapeways, and tracking of personnel.

Didipio Mine general manager for operations David Bickerton added that the award is a collective effort of all mine employees and contractors.

“Part of our values is care, and we try to demonstrate this trait every day. We look out for each other, and we continuously encourage everyone to call out unsafe acts and behavior no matter who the person is, and then learn and apply the lessons that the situation gives,” he said.


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