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JoyRide rolls out ‘super taxi’ service

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JoyRide Philippines said Wednesday it rolled out a new “Super Taxi” metered service to elevate passenger experience.

JoyRide Super Taxi, an inspiration from Japan’s JPN Taxi, features onboard amenities to enhance passenger comfort, convenience and safety at the regular metered taxi fare rate, it said.

Pioneering the next-generation taxi service, JoyRide enables commuters to hail a Super Taxi on the street or conveniently book a ride through the JoyRide Superapp.

“JoyRide Super Taxi provides another efficient and dependable mode of public transport to commuters, offering a ‘De-Metrong Kasundo’ taxi service and elevating the public’s commuting experience standards,” said JoyRide senior vice president for corporate affairs Noli Eala.

JoyRide will deploy 25 units initially in Metro Manila, with plans to rapidly increase its fleet next year.

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The JoyRide Super Taxi sports a black exterior, spacious five-seater cab, high roofing, modern digital toplight and additional onboard amenities, including an in-cabin infotainment system.

“The public can enjoy all these features of JoyRide Super Taxi without any fare increase, as the service will still be classified as a regular metered taxi or what we call ‘De-Metrong Kasundo,” Eala said.

JoyRide said its drivers undergo a stringent selection process similar to the one used for JoyRide’s existing driver-partners.

The highly trained and courteous professionals prioritize the safe transportation of passengers to their destination while using regular metered taxi fare rates.

JoyRide, which envisions to be the premier mobility company in the country, said it is helping the government provide commuters with safe, affordable and reliable modes of public transport.

Eala expressed confidence and optimism on the new service.

“We have high hopes for the Super Taxi service and look forward to the positive response from commuters as they experience this new and exciting offering from JoyRide,” he said.

“It brings us great joy to announce that starting today, passengers can take advantage of JoyRide Super Taxi, just in time for the upcoming holiday season as everyone prepares to navigate the holiday rush,” Eala said.

JoyRide is the first homegrown superapp in the Philippines, providing a diverse range of ride-hailing and delivery services.

Known for its motorcycle taxi service, JoyRide played a pivotal role in disrupting the prevailing ride-hailing monopoly in the country. It has expanded beyond 2-wheel services to include 4-wheel options such as JoyRide Car and JoyRide Taxi Cab.

JoyRide said is committed to empowering commuters by providing accessible and innovative technology-driven mobility solutions. Since it started in December 2019, JoyRide garnered over 5 million app downloads and boasts of an extensive network of over 30,000 2W and 4W driver-partners across Metro Manila, Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Cebu and Baguio City.

It is soon set to expand its services in Pampanga and llocos Norte.

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