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Cebu water treatment plant

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Manila Water Company Inc. said Cebu affiliate Cebu Manila Water Development Inc. set up a mobile treatment plant in the town of Ronda, Cebu which was severely affected by typhoon Seniang.

Manila Water said heavy rains and widespread flooding brought by the tropical storm damaged Ronda’s water system.   Water source and pumps were also damaged beyond repair, and water pipes were washed away, it said.

Manila Water said  its mobile treatment plant could transform any type of raw water such as river water, seawater or floodwater to potable drinking water.

“Since installment last Jan. 5, the mobile plant continues to treat water coming from a high turbid stream in Barangay Ilaya, providing almost 2,500 liters of potable drinking water per hour to some 18,500 residents of Ronda,” Manila Water said.

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