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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Filipino Chinese Cultural and Economic Association extends support to Taiwan quake victims

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The Filipino Chinese Cultural and Economic Association, led by standing committee member Zhuang Han Xiang, extended its support to Taiwan quake victims by donating P2 million.

The association visited Taiwan’s Representative to the Philippines (TECO) Zhou Min Gan to hand over the said donation.

Taiwan suffered severe casualties from a 7.2-degree earthquake on April 3, 2024.

Standing committee member Huang Zhong Ting, general secretary Cai Huai Qiang, overseas Chinese affairs commissioner Chen Bo Cai, association’s cultural and educational director Zhuang Bo Zhi and vice director Liang Chong Wei were present during the turnover of the donation.

The FCCEA is the first local Filipino-Chinese organization to lend assistance to the Taiwan earthquake disaster victims.

“We hope to encourage further support and donations as the affected communities begin their recovery efforts.” the association said.


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