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Isabela seed growers ensure enough certified seeds

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Seed growers in Burgos, Isabela, have been supplying enough certified seeds to the municipality through the assistance of the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) Seed Program.

Fenora G. Martinez, Burgos OIC-municipal agriculturist, said that unlike before, the town no longer worries about farmers’ access to certified inbred seeds, which studies show can increase yield by 10 percent or more. Certified seeds are relatively pure, have fewer weed seeds, free from visible seed-borne diseases, full and uniform in size, and have at least 85 percent germination rate.

In Burgos, all of the rice farmers plant inbred rice during the wet season, while 90 percent during the dry season. The 32 seed growers who cultivate 904ha also supply the neighboring towns.

Gallardo C. Reglos, one of the seed growers, shares that he plants NSIC Rc 222, Rc 436, Rc 508, and Rc 512 in his 15ha as these are high-yielding and farmers’ preferred varieties.

“I’m grateful for the RCEF Program as I’m able to harvest five to six hectares through the program’s knowledge and support,” he said.

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As program partners, RCEF guarantees that their seeds pass the standards of the National Seed Quality Control Services.

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