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Modernization plan to beef up NBI arsenal

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The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) plans to reorganize and modernize its equipment, systems, and procedures, as well as its professionalization efforts, as it celebrates its 85th founding anniversary.

NBI spokesperson and Deputy Director Ferdinand Lavin, during Tuesday’s “Laging Handa” briefing, said that they were keeping up with the demands of time by implementing Republic Act 10867 or the “NBI Modernization Law” which was enacted in June 2016.

“Ang NBI, kahit na sabihin nating matagal na ito, 85 years na, ay patuloy kaming nage-evolve ayon sa pag-evolve na rin ng krimen, especially in the area of computerization, the area of cybercrime (Even if we say that the NBI is now an institution after 85 years, we

continue to evolve along with the evolution of crimes, especially in areas of computerization and cybercrime.),” said Lavin.

The modernization program would also cover its fight against cybercrime, as the NBI experienced a surge in sexual exploitation cases and online scams during the pandemic during which people stayed at home to work or conduct virtual classes, said Lavin.

According to the modernization law, the NBI will carry out a modernization program that is “geared toward the acquisition of state-of-the-art investigative and intelligence equipment and the establishment of forensic and scientific laboratories.”

The law also has provisions for the training of NBI personnel.

Lavin explained that their headquarters temporarily transferred to Quezon City as their main office on Taft Avenue was “no longer fit for occupancy” per the advice of the City Engineering Office of Manila and the Department of Public Works and Highways.

“The series of earthquakes that hit Metro Manila has weakened the structural integrity of the building and for the safety of not only the employees of NBI but especially its clients, we have to

temporarily leave that building,” he said.

He asked Congress to favor the fun ing of a new building so that they could go back to Manila a few years.


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