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Sultry Kylie Verzosa is ‘The Housemaid’

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Kylie Verzosa sizzles on the screen playing the title role in The Housemaid, an erotic thriller from Viva Films. The film marks the former beauty queen’s first leading role in a movie.

Beauty Queen Kylie Verzosa gets her biggest break in showbiz via ‘The Housemaid,’ a local adaptation of an erotic Korean film of the same title.

Directed by Roman Perez, the film is an adaptation of a South Korean movie that was first shown in 1960, then had a remake in 2010, originally entitled Hanyo. The latter won awards in different international film festivals, including Fantasporto in Portugal, Oslo Film from the South Festival, and even our very own Cinemanila International Festival. It received a nomination for the Palme d’Or, the highest prize awarded at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

“Playing the title role is a challenge for me. The challenges in my character, the intimate scenes. I had to take note of everything,” Kylie said of her biggest break as an actress.

“If you will compare our movie to the original, by shot, exactly the same or maybe even better the one Direk Roman made. Before the trailer came out, there was pressure. With Kuya Albert and Miss Jaclyn, I am really so grateful to them,” she added.

In the story, Kylie plays Daisy, a woman in her 20s who is offered a huge salary mainly to take care of Nami, daughter of William (Albert Martinez), a billionaire, and Roxanne (Louise Delos Reyes), who is pregnant with twins. 

Daisy succeeds in building rapport with the young child, but that’s not all.  She gets the attention of her boss as well.  William begins to secretly flirt with Daisy, enticing her with glasses of wine and his piano playing, and they eventually begin a sexual relationship.

Since Daisy has become somewhat chummy with Roxanne, the latter finds nothing suspicious about her.  But there is someone in the mansion that Daisy cannot fool.

Ms. Martha (Jaclyn Jose) is the Mayordoma who she knows everything that is happening inside the house. Nothing escapes her keen eyes. Though she harbors resentment towards her employers, she continues to do her job well.  She’s been with Roxanne since she was a child.  Will Martha’s loyalty to William’s wife be detrimental to Daisy?

Apart from Ms. Martha, Daisy also has to be mindful of the presence of Roxanne’s mother, Madam Ester (Alma Moreno).  Although Ester has no power over her very domineering son-in-law, she is still a mother who must protect her daughter.

“The Housemaid” also stars child actress Elia Ilano who played the young Maya in “Ulan”, and Jobelyn Manuel, the original “Jowable” woman ranting on Vincentiments Facebook page before it became a blockbuster movie. 

The Housemaid streams on Sept. 10 on Vivamax.


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